Winter fails to chill opening round of 2018 curling

Upsets and fast starts marked the beginning of Lakes Region Curling Association’s Winter league on Sunday, January 14. As the winter season itself dragged the mercury down to single digits, 40-plus LRCA members resumed the drive for the championship — won in the Fall by a determined Stone Chuckers team.

Hugh Crawford sends a stone towards the house with backup from Andrea Dudley.

At the Winter inaugural matches, the Chuckers came up against a persistent Stone Agers squad that refused to quit and eventually prevailed 8-6.

The Fall’s runner-up team, Laffingoogans, went down to a narrow defeat at the hands of the a remixed Golf Nuts rink. The score was 7-6.

On the Rocks, which had battled the Stone Chuckers to the last rock for a chance at all the marbles in the Fall league, came roaring back with a 10-2 victory over Wolf Pack. The Rocks had fallen to third place in the Fall league.

Finally, the Curlin’ Curlers took down a depleted Late Bloomers squad 7-4. 

All teams played under newly announced rules regarding the free guard zone. Under the new regulations, adopted from the World Curling Federation and USA Curling, opponents’ stones lying in the free guard zone may not be taken out play until the sixth stone of the end. 

Stone Chuckers repeat as league champs

The Stone Chuckers are the Fall 2017 champs. From left, Bill Connors, Mike turner, Sue Weeks, and Rick Weeks. Absent from the photo is team member Bud Booth.

The LRCA’s Fall 2017 league saw two firsts — the introduction of a ninth team (the aptly named Team Nine) and a repeat league champion — the Stone Agers. 

The creation of the ninth team was compelled by the addition of six new curlers — more than the existing eight teams could comfortably absorb. That addition led organizers to introduce byes, with each team taking one over the course of the nine-match season. The arrangement allowed each team to play every other team in the league once.

The season saw the usual streaks, and competition was stiff to the very end. The Laffingoogans (formerly the Irish Stoner Rovers and, before that, the Dirty Polar Bears) remained unbeaten until their last game. As a result, the championship hung on the outcome of the last week’s contest between the Stone Chuckers and a resurgent On the Rocks squad that had survived a rocky (pun-intended) start.

In the end, the game ended in a tie, allowing the Chuckers to edge out the ‘Googans for first and leaving the Rocks in third.

As usual, the season concluded with a casual get-together at Bayside Grill and Tavern in Wolfeboro. 

Here are the final standings:

Stone Chuckers 6 1 1 13 60
Laffingoogans 6 2 0 12 53
On the Rocks 5 2 1 11 52
Golf Nuts 5 3 0 10 61
Stone Agers 4 3 1 9 53
Wolf Pack 4 4 0 8 49
Curlin’ Curlers 2 6 0 49
Late Bloomers 1 6 1 27
Team Nine 1 7 0 30

No teams remain undefeated after week seven of Fall season

After seven weeks of the LRCA’s Fall 2017 curling season, there are no longer any undefeated teams. The Laffingoofans was the last rink to go down, bowing to the Stone Chuckers. The ‘Googans remain in first place, however, with the Chuckers two points behind in the standings.

Here are the results of the December 3 matches:

Stone Chuckers 12 Laffingoogans 4
Stone Agers 2 On the Rocks 7
Curlin’ Curlers 10 Team Nine 2
Wolf Pack 7 Late Broomers 4
Bye week = Golf Nuts

Here are the standings to date:

Laffingoogans 6 1 0 12 50
Stone Chuckers 5 1 0 10 47
On The Rocks 4 2 0 8 36
Stone Agers 4 3 0 8 48
Golf Nuts 3 3 0 6 45
Curlin’ Curlers 2 4 0 39
Wolf Pack 2 4 0 31
Team Nine 1 5 0 25
Late Bloomers 1 5 0 17

Here are the upcoming matchups and sheet assignments for Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017

Match Sheet
Wolf Pack vs Curlin’ Curlers A
Late Broomers vs Golf Nuts  B
Team Nine vs Stone Chuckers C
On the Rocks vs Laffingoogans D
Bye week for Stone Agers

Registration under way for 2018 Winter league

With the Fall curling season largely in the rearview mirror, the Lakes Region Curling Association is now registering players for the its Winter league.

LRCA leagues are for men and women of all ages and experience levels. Participants can join individually, as couples, or as entire teams.

The upcoming Winter season runs for eight Sunday evenings from January to early March at Pop Whalen Ice Arena in Wolfeboro. There’s no equipment to buy, and new members get an introduction to the basics of the game at a learn-to-curl session before the season begins.

Registration for the Winter season begins now. For more information and for registration forms, check out this page.

Week four results, standings, and upcoming matches

Here are the results of November 5 matches for the LRCA’s Fall 2017 curling season:

Stone Agers 12 Golf Nuts 2
Late Broomers 0 Stone Chuckers 10
On the Rocks 7 Team Nine 5
Laffingoogans 9 Wolf Pack 6
Bye week = Curlin’ Curlers 

Here are the standings to date:

Stone Agers 4 0 0 8 38
Laffingoogans 4 0 0 8 33
Golf Nuts 3 1 0 6 35
On The Rocks 2 1 0 4 20
Stone Chuckers 2 1 0 4 19
Late Broomers 1 2 0 2 8
Team Nine 0 4 0 0 15
Wolf Pack 0 4 0 0 14
Curlin’ Curlers 0 3 0 0 10

Here are the upcoming matchups and sheet assignments for Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017

Match Sheet
Wolf Pack vs On The Rocks A
Golf Nuts vs Laffingoogans B
Stone Chuckers vs Stone Agers C
Late Broomers vs Curlin’ Curlers D
Bye week for Team Nine

It was a dark and foggy night … on the curling sheet

Susan McBride and Heather Gilzean encourage a stone along the sheet on a warm and foggy first night of the Fall 2017 season. Warm and humid conditions inside the arena created a foggy landscape for curlers and made the ice extremely slow. Cooler conditions are expected for the second week.

The Fall 2017 curling season got off to a warm and foggy start at Pop Whalen Ice Arena on Sunday, October 15. With the addition of a ninth time to the roster, the schedule necessitated a bye week for the first time in the young organization’s history.

Match results and standings are available here.

The opening night followed a highly successful learn-to-curl session on Friday, Oct. 13. The event saw more than a dozen and a half prospective curlers take to the ice and try their hand at sending stones down the ice.

Eileen Neal, Shirley Alessandroni, and Joan MaGrauth follow a stone down the sheet.

Fall 2017 schedule is now out; learn-to-curl on Oct. 13

The Fall curling season is almost on us — and LRCA organizers have been working hard to get ready.

This year we have nine teams rather than eight. New on our roster is the aptly named Team Nine, led by Dan Barnard and Denise Gallagher and joined by three new LRCA members.

In order to have every team in the league play every other, we’ve had to add an extra week to the schedule. Our season will run from October 15 to December 17, with a week off for Thanksgiving.

This arrangement also means that every team has a one bye week. You can find the full schedule here.

Don’t forget our season-opening learn-to-curl at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, October 13. Setup begins at 5 o’clock, and we can use any help we can get. The session is open to members who want a pre-season warmup, and we’re hoping to try out some competitive games. LRCA members are encouraged to come out and test your skills.

Annual Meeting offers 2016 review, preview of Fall 2017 season

The LRCA’s third Annual Meeting, held on August 23 at Wolfeboro Public Library, saw the election of three members to the organization’s Board of Directors, including Dan Barnard of Melvin Village, who was elected to his first term.

Returning for new three-year terms were Directors Hugh Crawford and Mike Turner.

Members attending the Annual Meeting heard an update from Director Carl Crosley on the LRCA’s finances, including an explanation of the fee hike caused by a 60 percent increase in ice-time costs for the coming year.

Also, President Rich Masse told assembled members that directors have decided to eliminate the traditional three-game tournament at the end of each season, opting instead to let the regular season standings determine the championship. Since the meeting, the board has accepted a ninth team into the league and increased the number of Sunday night sessions to nine, with each team taking one bye week and playing every other team once.

No matches will be scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. The full schedule of matches and byes will be published in late September.

Masse also noted that LRCA matches will now be considered complete at the conclusion of eight ends. Also, a new policy stipulates that, at the final buzzer, all matches must end; if an odd number of stones has been thrown, the hammer team will be allowed to throw one more stone, at which point the match will be considered over.

At a Board of Directors meeting that immediately followed, directors elected Mike Turner to a two-year term as vice-president, replacing Hugh Crawford, and Carl Crosley to another two-year term as treasurer.

LRCA opens Fall 2017 registration

Curling is a game of many skills, including sweeping to guide a stone to its intended target.

Do you love the Winter Olympics but find that you can’t make it to PyeongChang for the coming Olympiad? Then do the next best thing: play an Olympic sport right here in the Lakes Region.

Curling, the sport that originated in medieval Scotland, will be getting big-time television coverage come February. When everyone else is talking about it, you can be playing as part of the Lakes Region Curling Association.

LRCA leagues are for men and women of all ages and experience levels. Participants can join individually, as couples, or as entire teams.

The upcoming Fall season runs for eight Sunday evenings from mid-October to mid-December at Pop Whalen Ice Arena in Wolfeboro. There’s no equipment to buy, and new members get an introduction to the basics of the game at a learn-to-curl session before the season begins.

Registration for the Fall season begins now. For access to downloadable registration forms, check here.

Visitors to this site can view informative videos, access information about curling rules and game play, and find the latest information about LRCA events and activities.

Plymouth State’s MUDspiel draws a strong LRCA showing

Plymouth State University’s annual MUDspiel curling tournament drew participants from a number of Lakes Region Curling teams this year. Participating in the April 21-23 event were, from left: Brian Gately, Rich Masse, Bill Connors, Andrea Dudley, JoJo Belville, Paul Belville, Denise Gallagher, Bryan Gallagher, Lorie Taliento, Eileen Neal, Shirley Allesandroni, Denise Cogswell. Absent from photo is Chris Pollock. The tourney drew 18 teams from across New England, with LRCA players represented on four of those squads.