Fall 2016 curling schedule

Dates for the  2016 Fall League schedule are listed below.

All dates are Sundays, and matches are scheduled for 5:20 p.m. at Pop Whalen Ice Arena in Wolfeboro, NH.


October 18 Sheet
Irish Stoner Rovers versus Stone Agers A
Curlin Curlers versus Wolf Pack B
Golf Nuts versus Late Broomers C
Stone Chuckers versus On the Rocks D
October 23  
Stone Chuckers versus Curlin Curlers A
Late Broomers versus On the Rocks B
Stone Agers versus Wolf Pack C
Irish Stoner Rovers versus Golf Nuts D
October 30  
Late Broomers versus Curlin Curlers A
On The Rocks versus Irish Stoner Rovers B
Stone Agers versus Stone Chuckers C
Golf Nuts versus Wolf Pack D
November 6  
On The Rocks versus Stone Agers A
Late Broomers versus Stone Chuckers B
Irish Stoner Rovers versus Wolf Pack C
Curlin Curlers versus Golf Nuts D
November 13  
Curlin Curlers versus Stone Agers A
Irish Stoner Rovers versus Stone Chuckers B
Golf Nuts versus On the Rocks C
Late Broomers versus Wolf Pack D
November 20  
On the Rocks versus Wolf Pack A
Curlin Curlers versus Irish Stoner Rovers B
Golf Nuts versus Stone Chuckers C
Late Broomers versus Stone Agers D
November 27  
 Late Broomers versus Irish Stoner Rovers A
 Curlin Curlers versus On the Rocks B
 Stone Agers versus Golf Nuts C
 Stone Chuckers versus Wolf Pack D

The final three games of the season will be played on Dec. 4, 11, and 18 and will serve as a playoff, with teams matched according to their regular-season records.

Click here for a printable copy of the schedule.