Annual Meeting offers 2016 review, preview of Fall 2017 season

The LRCA’s third Annual Meeting, held on August 23 at Wolfeboro Public Library, saw the election of three members to the organization’s Board of Directors, including Dan Barnard of Melvin Village, who was elected to his first term.

Returning for new three-year terms were Directors Hugh Crawford and Mike Turner.

Members attending the Annual Meeting heard an update from Director Carl Crosley on the LRCA’s finances, including an explanation of the fee hike caused by a 60 percent increase in ice-time costs for the coming year.

Also, President Rich Masse told assembled members that directors have decided to eliminate the traditional three-game tournament at the end of each season, opting instead to let the regular season standings determine the championship. Since the meeting, the board has accepted a ninth team into the league and increased the number of Sunday night sessions to nine, with each team taking one bye week and playing every other team once.

No matches will be scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. The full schedule of matches and byes will be published in late September.

Masse also noted that LRCA matches will now be considered complete at the conclusion of eight ends. Also, a new policy stipulates that, at the final buzzer, all matches must end; if an odd number of stones has been thrown, the hammer team will be allowed to throw one more stone, at which point the match will be considered over.

At a Board of Directors meeting that immediately followed, directors elected Mike Turner to a two-year term as vice-president, replacing Hugh Crawford, and Carl Crosley to another two-year term as treasurer.

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