COVID hurdles sink Fall sturling season

The Board of Directors of Lakes Region Curling Association has decided to cancel the planned Fall 2020 sturling season.

The decision came after a two-week ban imposed by the state of New Hampshire on ice arena activity, a subsequent COVID-19 testing requirement for all event participants, and a limited commitment by LRCA members to playing under the new circumstances.

“We did the best we could to make this new league a reality,” LRCA president Rich Masse said, “but, in the end, there were just too many uncertainties for us to risk the health of our members and the resources of the association.”

In late November the board will evaluate the prospects for organizing a Winter league.

While the LRCA had registered enough players for two sessions of sturling on eight Sundays in the Fall, a survey of members, taken after the testing requirement was announced, showed an uneven commitment to proceeding.

“There was a real possibility that we might not have enough players for even a single session,” Masse said.

The association plans to reimburse all registration fees in the near future. However, members have the option of asking that their registration payment be held for a Winter season.

While 2020 saw several impacts by COVID-19 on curling here and around the world, 2021 will see the start of competition leading up to the 2022 Winter Olympics. That activity is expected to bring new attention to this ancient sport — and better days for curlers everywhere.