Final matchups, celebration to mark Winter 2017 season’s end

Chris Pollock and JoJo Belville sweep a Curlin’ Curlers stone towards the house in Sunday’s semi-final matchups. The team will face the Irish Stoner Rovers in the tourney finals on Sunday.

With Winter 2017 tournament finals set for Sunday, March 19, the Lakes Region Curling Association’s fourth season will come to a close. During that time the association has hosted 36 curling nights and a half-dozen learn-to-curl events.

This season saw the LRCA pay off its 64 curling stones, which had been purchased on a lease-to-buy basis. In the next few years, league organizers will need to deal with increasing ice-time costs and decisions about whether to prepare for the possible increase in the number of teams from eight to ten.

Those decisions are likely to be impacted by the exposure that curling will receive during the 2018 Winter Olympics as well as by an evolving fundraising effort to deal with an aging Pop Whalen Ice Arena. The LRCA expects to be in the thick of all those activities.

Semi-finals results

Here are the results of the winter tournament’s semi-final matches:


Stone Chuckers 4 On the Rocks 6
Irish Stoner Rovers 8 Wolf Pack 7


Golf Nuts 12 Stone Agers 6
Late Broomers 7 Curlin’ Curlers 8

The final matchups

Based on the results of the first two weeks, the final matchups shape up this way:

Lake Winnipesaukee Division
Golf Nuts vs On the Rocks
Lake Wentworth Division
Stone Chuckers  vs  Stone Agers
Crescent Lake Division
Irish Stoner Rovers vs Curlin’ Curlers
Rust Pond Division
Wolf Pack vs Late Broomers

Rich Masse and Rick Weeks stand watch as Mike Turner and Bill Connors ease a stone into the house in a match between Stone Chuckers and On the Rocks. At right, Andrea Dudley waits to sweep.

End-of-season festivities

The Winter 2017 league, as with its predecessors, ends with a party — this time at Bayside Grill and Tavern in Wolfeboro.

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