New equipment floods in as LRCA preps for Fall 2018 season

Mike Turner, Carl Crosley and Bill Connors attach handles to a newly arrived set of stones.

LRCA organizers have been busy in the past few months preparing for the upcoming Fall 2018 league. With 11 teams and 55 curlers, the league has required some additions to LRCA equipment and facilities.

The first change that returning curlers will notice is the addition of a fifth sheet in the middle of the arena ice. In previous years, this space was empty.

To avoid any difficulty with getting off the three middle sheets when an opposing team member is throwing, the middle sheet is separated from its neighbor on either side by an 18-inch gap, allowing sweepers to step out of the way until they need to return to the match.

To allow use of that fifth sheet, the LRCA has purchased another set of 16 stones. Shipped from North Dakota, they arrived on September 28 and are now housed in a new cabinet built against the arena boards to keep them cold and ready for use. (Warm stones would literally melt into the ice.)

At the same time, new brooms and hacks had to be ordered, and, to keep up with the wearing effects of game play, five new brooms were ordered, and 16 others have received new brush heads.

Painting of the curling sheets, hockey markings, and the Back Bay logo takes place in the first week of October.

Watch the LRCA’s Facebook page for photos.