Winter Carnival will feature curling open house

This year’s Winter Carnival, sponsored by the Wolfeboro Department of Parks and Recreation, will feature a curling open house at Pop Whalen Ice Arena on Wednesday, February 24. There will be two morning sessions: one from 9:30 to 10:30, and a second from 10:45 to 11:45.

The event is free and open to the public, and there’s no registration required.

Members of the Lakes Region Curling Association will be on hand to provide an overview of the game of curling and offer participants an opportunity to learn scoring and curling skills, including the classic sliding delivery as well as the standing delivery using a specially designed curling stick.

Participants will be required to bring a pair of clean-soled shoes — sneakers work well — that they can change into at the rink in order to protect the ice surface from grit and de-icing chemicals found on walkways and parking lots.

LRCA members are back for more as Winter league opens

When LRCA organizers opened their Fall league for business in October 2015, they hoped they’d find 28 people to join them in this new endeavor. They got 43, and the league sparked enthusiasm on a level that no one had expected._DSC2294_DxO

Still, when the word went out that the LRCA was planning a Winter league for 2016 — something the organizers had never dared hope for — there was some concern about whether enough members would re-up. To their amazement, 39 did, and two new members joined, bringing the league player total to 41. 

That Winter league, with a schedule of eight games in January, February, and March, took off on Sunday, January 17, with the original eight teams largely intact. Following a brief awards ceremony for the Fall league’s eventual championship team, On the Rocks, curlers were on the ice and starting the new season’s competition.

Game results and photos

Check the results page for up-to-date game results.

You can also view Mike Spence’s photos from the Winter league here.

Practice dates cancelled

Two proposed practice session, set for Saturday, February 6 and 20, have had to be cancelled because of a shortfall in the number of curlers who signed up as well as an inadequate number of volunteers to do setup. 

The LRCA is committed to finding ways for members to have practice time outside of matches, and some options will be discussed between now and the end of the current winter league. 

Members can always check on upcoming activities by viewing the Events page

Winter league takes off on January 17

Following a highly successful inaugural season last Fall, the Lakes Region Curling Association launches its Winter 2016 league on Sunday, January 17, in its usual 5-7 p.m. time slot. _DSC1733In contrast to the Fall’s 10-game schedule, the Winter league will be limited to eight matches, including an as-yet-undeterined playoff schedule at the conclusion of the season.

With the vast majority of Fall curlers returning, the league is set to run with the same eight teams that launched the league last October. Some minor line-up changes have occurred on some teams, and a few new curlers will be placed to fill in the blanks. 

A full listing of teams and players is available here. 

Paid practice time

A number of curlers have expressed a desire for practice time outside of the weekly matches. In response, LRCA organizers have tentatively arranged for two such times. The dates are Saturday, February 6, and Saturday, February 20. Ice time on both dates is from 6 to 8 p.m. Continue reading

On the Rocks clambers to top of season’s end tourney

On the Rocks, from left to right: Rich Masse, Hugh Crawford, Zeke Bly, Barbara Mosley, Bob O'Keefe, and Andrea Dudley

On the Rocks, from left to right: Rich Masse, Hugh Crawford, Zeke Bly, Barbara Mosley, Bob O’Keefe, and Andrea Dudley

The Fall 2015 curling season came to a close on Dec. 20 with the final matches of the three-game year-end tournament.

In the climactic face-off of the tourney, Division B’s On the Rocks overwhelmed Division A’s Stone Chuckers by a score of 11-2.

In other games, The Stone Agers edged the Dirty Polar Bears by a score of 7-5,

The Curlin Curlers bested the Golf Nuts 9-1, and the Wolf Pack brushed past the Late Broomers 7-4. Continue reading

It’s down the wire in year-end tournament

After two weeks of tournament play, the Fall 2015 season comes down to four cross-division games on Sunday, Dec. 20. The matches will pit winners and losers from the first two weeks of tourney play within each division.

Division A consists of the first four teams, by rank, from the fall season’s first seven weeks. Division B comprises teams 5 through 8 in those same standings.

In the second week of tournament play, the results were as follows:

Stone Chuckers 5, Golf Nuts 3
Stone Agers 11, Wolf Pack 3
On the Rocks 5, Curlin Curlers 4
Dirty Polar Bears 8, Late Broomers 5

Those scores, combined with results of the tournament’s first week, resulted in the following standings for the tourney:


Team  Wins Losses 
Stone Chuckers 2 0
Golf Nuts 1
Stone Agers
Wolf Pack  0 2






Team  Wins Losses 
On the Rocks 2 0
Curlin Curlers 1 1
Dirty Polar Bears 1
Late Broomers 0 2






In the final week of the tournament and the season, the matchups will be as follows:

Matchup Sheet
Stone Chuckers vs. On the Rocks B
Stone Agers vs. Dirty Polar Bears D
Golf Nuts vs. Curlin Curlers A
Wolf Pack vs. Late Broomers C






To see Mike Spence’s photos from the tournament, check out this gallery.

First-round tourney results are all over the place

It was impossible to find a pattern in the results of the first week of tournament play for the LRCA’s Fall 2015 season. Two top-seeded teams won their matches, while two fell. Two contests were won by a single point, while two others were more decisive.

In that first round, the first-place Stone Chuckers, playing with only three members of the team present, defeated the fourth-place Stone Agers 11-3, while second-place Wolf Pack lost a close game to the third-place Golf Nuts, 4-3.

In the second tier, the fifth-place Late Broomers went down to eighth-place Curlin Curlers by a 7-3 score, while sixth-place On the Rocks eked out an 8-7 victory over the seventh-place Dirty Polar Bears.

In the second round, scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 13, the following pairings will now square off:


Matchup Sheet
Stone Chuckers vs. Golf Nuts A
Wolf Pack vs. Stone Agers B





Matchup Sheet
On the Rocks vs. Curlin Curlers C
Late Broomers vs. Dirty Polar Bears D




Fall 2015 curling playoffs are on

After a very successful seven-week curling league, the Lakes Region Curling Association is entering the playoff phase of its first season. The playoffs will take place on the nights of December 6, 13, and 20, and the final night’s matches will be followed by an informal get-together for all curlers at a downtown Wolfeboro location yet to be selected.

Every team is engaged in all three nights of the tournament. 

The playoff matchups are based on these final Fall 2015 standings:

Team  Wins Losses  Ties  Points   Total Points Scored
Stone Chuckers 5 1 1 11 46
Wolf Pack 36 *
Golf Nuts 36 
Stone Agers  38 
Late Broomers   39 **
On the Rocks 39 
Dirty Polar Bears 28 
Curlin Curlers 28 

* Wolf Pack beat Golf Nuts
** Late Broomers beat On the Rocks

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LRCA curlers are off and running in Fall 2015

The eight teams of the Lakes Region Curling Association’s Fall 2015 season are heading into their fourth week of competition, and it appears that curlers are enthused about their experience with the rollout. 


Wayne McBride of the Dirty Polar Bears delivers a stone against the Stone Agers

The LRCA has 45 members signed up for the fall season, and the schedule calls for each team to play every other team once during the regular part of the season. The final three weeks of the season (Dec. 6, 13, and 20) comprise a playoff in which all teams participate, with matches based on each squad’s record earlier in the season.

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Learn-to-curl session set for Friday, Oct. 16

The stones, brooms, and hacks have arrived, the ice has been laid down and painted — and now it’s time to start curling!

Learn-to-curl details

To get the Fall 2015 league season under way, the LRCA is holding a learn-to-curl for all registered members on Friday, Oct. 16, at 6 p.m. at Pop Whalen Ice Arena in Wolfeboro. The event will give members of the LRCA’s eight teams an opportunity to meet one another while introducing new curlers to the basics of curling in a non-competitive setting.

Participants are asked to arrive at the arena around 6 p.m. and to sign in before proceeding inside. At sign-up, participants will be assigned to one of the eight stations on the ice, where they will meet with their instructor for the evening.

Please note: This learn-to-curl is for registered LRCA members only and is not open to the public.

Prior to on-ice activities, curlers will gather as a group for some introductory instructions while volunteers set up the ice.

Curlers should wear warm but comfortable clothing for the evening. Light gloves and hats are encouraged for those susceptible to the cold.

Also, it’s important for participants in the learn-to-curl to bring shoes with clean soles to the arena. The shoes — sneakers are a good option — can be put on at the arena and will help keep grit and other debris off the ice, where it could interfere with game play.

Regular league play

League play for the Fall 2015 season begins on Sunday, Oct. 18, with games set to start at 5:15 p.m. Players should plan to arrive at 5 p.m. for regular season games in order to sign in and change to non-street footwear. 

A schedule for the first seven games is available here. Note that November 16 is a Monday and that there is no game on November 29 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

The final three games of the season will be played on Dec. 6, 13, and 20 and will serve as a playoff, with teams matched according to their regular-season records.

Teams organize as preparations for fall continue

With a new membership year officially under way, the new Board of Directors and LRCA officers has moved into high gear in preparation for the inaugural curling season starting in mid-October. 

At the organization’s August 11 Annual Meeting, held at the Wolfeboro Public Library, 19 members elected six directors for three-year terms:

  • For three years: Carl Crosley and Rich Masse
  • For two years: Hugh Crawford and Mike Turner
  • For one year: Mike Spence and Bud Booth

Those directors in turn held their first board meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting and elected the following officers, all for two-year terms:

  • President: Mike Spence
  • Vice-president: Hugh Crawford
  • Treasurer: Carl Crosley
  • Secretary: Rich Masse

In the following weeks, directors have notified registered curlers of their team assignments and provided contact information for each team’s contact person. All teams are being asked to select a name, if not already set, and begin discussions about who will initially serve as team skip (captain) during game play. 

Meanwhile, LRCA members Dave Denby, Zeke Bly, and Bob O’Keefe have started construction of storage facilities at Pop Whalen Arena for the association’s curling stones and related equipment. The facilities are expected to be finished in time for arrival of the LRCA’s curling stones in mid-September. 

Organizers will soon be soliciting volunteers for other LRCA support activities, including game preparation and breakdown, scheduling and score tracking, and training.