With a bow to health concerns, the LRCA cancels its Winter 2021 curling league

With news of the threat posed by COVID-19 growing more concerning by the day, the Board of Directors of Lakes Region Curling Association has reluctantly cancelled plans for a Winter 2021 curling season.

The association had already cancelled the Fall 2020 season after rink closings related to the spread of COVID-19 among hockey players. At the time, LRCA organizers hoped that conditions in New Hampshire would improve enough to allow a restart in January. Unfortunately, the spread of the disease has progressed at a rate that makes indoor recreational activities risky at best.

With an eye to protecting the association’s members and in anticipation of the arrival of several promising vaccines in the coming months, board members decided to focus on preserving the LRCA’s resources and planning for a full return to curling in the Fall of 2021.

Any members who allowed the association to hold their Fall registration fee in anticipation of a Winter program will now be reimbursed that fee in the coming weeks.

Note that return of the fees does not cancel membership in the LRCA for the coming year. Anyone who registered for the Fall 2020 program remains a member and will be invited to participate in the association’s Annual Meeting and election of officers in February.

By the time curling begins again next Fall, preparations will be well under way for the 2022 Winter Olympics, putting a spotlight on curling once again.

In the meantime, LRCA members are urged to take all appropriate precautions to stay safe and healthy. Despite the setbacks of the past year, the Board of Directors is committed to repaying the enthusiasm and loyalty of members by returning a robust curling program to the Lakes Region as soon as circumstances allow.